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Service plan for your home

We offer great Memphis electrical service plans to fit your needs and budget. We will do an annual or semiannual Memphis electrical home inspections of your electrical system. Our Memphis electricians inspect your electrical panel, ground fault receptacles and smoke detectors. We spot-check heavily used receptacles and switches, and we will even change the batteries in your smoke detectors. With our service plan, customers receive priority on regular calls and emergency calls. We also waive after-hours/weekend charges for our service plan customers. Let us help you keep your electrical maintained and safe for years to come. Protect your investment and the ones you love.

Service plans for your business

You cannot afford to be down at work. Keep your system safe and properly maintained. You have checkups on your car; why not get them on your electrical? If you properly maintain your system, you will get more out of it and prevent expensive outages and damages that could cost you more money. We can perform an initial complete inspection and perform annual or semiannual inspections on your system. Also, like all of our service plan customers, you will receive priority on regular calls and emergency calls. We will waive after hours/weekend charges for you as well.

Aluminum wiring service plans are available

*We offer these and other customized service plans to fit your needs and budget

*Discounted prices. As long as you are on our service plan, you lock in current rates, and after-hour and weekend fees are waived

* We inspect your system to help prevent fires, electrical shock and damage to your sensitive equipment

Memphis Electrician Service Plans

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