Don't Be That Guy/Gal

​Every week, we see people who excel in their line of work try to install or repair their own electrical work. However, their line of work is not electrical, or even close to it!

Don’t be that Guy/Gal!
Electrical work is not a hobby. For safety, resale (all work is to be disclosed at closing) and local code require a licensed Electrical contractor to perform electrical work. It is not a funny matter- faulty/improper wiring is the leading cause of fires in homes and businesses. If not done properly, there can be significant damage to sensitive equipment such as TVs, computers and many other devices and systems in your home or business; in the long run, you really don’t save money.

There is also a big misunderstanding about “grandfathering” in older electrical work.  
The fact is: if the work was permitted and installed up to code when it was done, it is typically ‘grandfathered in’ and doesn’t have to be brought up to new codes. The problem is: if it was not permitted and/or up to code when it was installed, it is also unacceptable today. 

We can do an electrical inspection and let you know if it safe and properly installed. We can also advise and make repairs if needed. 
No job is too small. It may seem small; but, if it is important to you, it is important to us.  
Let us help you with ALL your electrical needs. Don’t end up in our scrapbook. 

Memphis Electrical work is not a hobby! Don't be that Guy/Gal!

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